Policy for quality, environment, safety and ethical responsibility

Based on the growing needs of the market in terms of product quality, the Company SAFE S.r.l. has implemented a Quality Management System as an indispensable basic tool both for the continuous improvement of the services provided to the Customer, and for the optimization of its business management, with the aim of increasing its competitiveness on the market through optimization of its own organizational processes and the awareness that this goal can be achieved with the contribution of everyone and the centrality of people.

The sensitivity and attention of the organization to workers, to issues of Environmental sustainability and Health and Safety at work led the Management to develop an integrated management system for the Environment, Health and Safety in the workplace and social responsibility, in order to always and with all resources aim at the excellence of internal and external relations towards all interested parties.

The increase in staff satisfaction has favored the consolidation of a dynamic and effective organizational structure, aimed at promoting its values ​​and tradition; this process has allowed the Company to operate with greater confidence within its Management System for Quality, Environment, Health and Safety and Social Responsibility, favoring the growth of the individual and the increase in performance.

The Management has always been committed to pursuing continuous improvement at every company level, in compliance with the principles of the ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards, and even more so with the SA8000 standard in compliance with national and international regulatory principles for the protection of workers.

The Company considers Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility, key principles of the corporate strategy and it is for this reason that it places them at the center of its development policies.

To achieve the objectives, the Management intends to:

The implementation of this Policy is a duty and a daily challenge for all of us, from the property to the staff, because we are all responsible for it.

In fact, as regards the way of working within the company, each of us has the main task of:

Each Function Manager is responsible for:

The Management undertakes to periodically verify that this Policy is consistent with the evolution of the organization and to make the document available to all interested parties.