maintain a high quality standard of our services. As needed, we build training centres, warehouses, operating offices in the country of interest, also directly on the customer’s operating site. As needed, we build training centers, warehouses, operating offices in the country of interest, also directly on the customer’s operating site.


We have many years of experience with customers of the highest level operating in gas & oil, telecommunications, large construction, shipbuilding, rail transport, large-scale distribution, in the petrochemical sector, logistics services for large-scale distribution, environmental hygiene, energy distribution and road design; which guarantees us a portfolio of over 15,000 customers.

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We have already done it, we can do it again, everywhere.


Technology XTRIDE

The constant search for innovative solutions to increase the performance of Safe products has led to the development and implementation of the new patented Xstride technology. A true technical revolution in the world of personal protective equipment for the lower limbs. 60% MORE ENERGY The patented structure of the Xtride® system, combined with the weighted positioning in the midsole, guarantees real effectiveness in the dynamic cushioning of the shoe, increased

Expo ferroviaria 2019

Safe S.r.l. was present at EXPO Ferroviaria 2019, considered one of the major trade fairs worldwide in the field of railway technologies, products and systems. EXPO Ferroviaria 2019 took place from 1st to 3rd October in Hall 1 of Rho Fiera Milano, with top level players from 280 exhibitors from 25 countries. In these three days, the most innovative technologies on the market and the latest product news were presented.

Coronavirus: how to prevent and how to protect yourself

The rampant Coronavirus epidemic that is spreading from the heart of China to the rest of the world rightly deserves the utmost attention, both in terms of individual protection and in reducing as much as possible any possibility of transmission and contagion. Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that attack the respiratory tract: they can cause mild to moderate diseases, from a common cold to more significant respiratory syndromes such