Safety shoes

Shoes Accident prevention

Safe s.r.l. produces and certifies directly with its own brands a wide range of safety shoes, designed to meet the most diverse individual needs. The choice of safety footwear depends on a variety of factors and for this reason, Safe s.r.l. offers its customers a wide choice of safety shoes, such as those without metal, those for the kitchen or, for the most hostile environments (cold, bumps, humidity), very effective safety boots.

There are also various models of sports safety shoes in the catalog, as well as numerous models of summer and breathable safety shoes, designed according to the current safety standards, with particular attention to their lightness and breathability of the sole, the upper and internal parts.

Safety shoes refer to four regulations:

  • EN ISO 20344
  • EN ISO 20345
  • EN ISO 20346
  • EN ISO 20347

The first concerns the “test methods for footwear”, the second the “safety footwear”, the third the “protective footwear” and the fourth, finally, the “work footwear”.

Those required by EN ISO 20345 are identified by the letter S, which means safety / security. In order to identify the protection category, the letter S is followed by letters and / or numbers:

  • SB specifies the minimum requirements: toe with 200 joule resistance, split leather upper or similar, minimum height of the upper, resistance of the sole to hydrocarbons;
  • S1 provides some features that complement the SB requirements: antistaticity (A), energy absorption in the heel area (E), shoe closed at the back, non-slip sole; S1P safety shoes have the basic properties of SB type footwear and in addition they have a closed heel area, they include the A marking (have antistatic properties) and the E (impact absorption of the heel area) marking, and are resistant to hydrocarbons;
  • S2 integrates the S1 features with the waterproofing of the upper (WRU, water resistant footwear);
  • S3 and S2 features combine the following: anti-perforation plate (P) and sculpted or tessellated sole. The S3 safety shoes are therefore equipped with anti-crush toe, insole with anti-puncture plate, anti-slip and anti-static sole with shock absorption properties in the heel area, waterproofed upper;
  • S4 integrates S1 requirements with resistance to hydrocarbons (GOLD);
  • S5 to requirements S4 adds anti-perforation plate (P) and sculpted or tessellated sole.

All models of Safe safety shoes are developed to cope with a multiplicity of different working situations, for which the company has introduced different fits, with the aim of increasing user comfort. The fit should not be confused with the size: it is an indicator that expresses the fit of the safety shoe.