Depending on the growing needs of the market in terms of quality of the product, the Company SAFE S.r.l. has implemented a Quality Management System as an indispensable basic tool both for the continuous improvement of the services rendered to the Customer and for the optimization of its business management, with the aim of increasing its competitiveness on the market through optimization of their organizational processes.


The sensitivity and attention of the organization to issues of environmental sustainability and health and safety at work has prompted the management to develop an environmental and safety management system, integrated with the quality system in order to optimize its business management and increase its competitiveness on the market.


The increase in staff satisfaction has favored the consolidation of a dynamic and effective organizational structure, aimed at promoting its values and tradition; this process has allowed the Company to operate with greater confidence within its Quality, Environment and Safety Management System, promoting its performance increase.


The Management has always been committed to pursuing continuous improvement at every company level, in compliance with the common principles of the UNI EN ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards. The Company considers Quality, Environment and Safety the cardinal principles of the corporate strategy and for this reason it places them at the center of its development policies.

The implementation of this Policy is a daily duty and challenge for all staff, who are responsible for it in terms of implementation, in accordance with the requirements set by the regulations.

To achieve the objectives, the Management intends to:

  • Engaging in the elimination of dangers and minimizing OSH risks and in the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases
  • Engage in the development of internal and external communication methods, encourage the active participation of workers in the development of the QAS integrated system, involve stakeholders in the growth of the QAS integrated system;
  • Undertake to satisfy the customer's needs, the requirements of the reference standards and the applicable binding aspects;
  • Respond to the needs and expectations of the "stakeholders", analyzing the context in which the organization operates and the factors that influence the processes;
  • Search for reliable suppliers and collaborators and constantly raise their awareness of the needs of SAFE and their customers and the issues of environmental sustainability and guarantee of safety at work;
  • Maintain its organization, so that it is able to identify the causes of the problems by promptly adopting the measures necessary to resolve them;
  • Undertake to increase the skills and knowledge from its human and material resources, and their involvement in the development of the integrated management system;
  • Adopt and enhance the risk analysis tools for company processes in order to prevent any threats and critical issues and adopt measures for the prevention and/or containment of the consequences;
  • Adopt and enhance the tools for analyzing improvement opportunities in order to plan investments and sustainable growth and development strategies consistent with the context in which the organization operates.

In fact, as regards the way of working within the Company, each employee has the
main task of:

  • Pursuing the goal of doing everything well from the beginning;
  • Understand and meet the quality expectations of its Customers, intended both as end Customers and as Users downstream of each business process;
  • Report product / service non-conformities, so that they can become "resources" for improvement;
  • Identify, report and help eliminate the anomalies, causes of errors and inefficiencies, present in the processes and procedures.

Each Function Manager is responsible for:

  • Transmit and explain to each employee the Policy for Quality, the Environment and Safety and the related objectives and their respective specific task;
  • Take care of the training of all collaborators to pursue the goal of doing everything right from the beginning.

The Management undertakes periodically check that this Policy is consistent with the evolution of the organization and to make the document available to all interested parties.