Safe s.r.l. produces and certifies directly with its own brands protective clothing, such as work uniforms and overalls, in addition to other personal protective equipment necessary and mandatory for the performance of the most varied tasks.

In many circumstances, it is the law itself that imposes the obligation to wear a uniform, since it has to do with safeguarding the health of the worker provided for by the TUSL, the Consolidated Law on Health and Safety at Work.

The range of protective clothing designed by Safe s.r.l. it includes in particular:

Fireproof clothing
Antistatic clothing
Antacid clothing
Trivalent clothing (or multi-protective clothing)
High visibility clothing (for all outdoor work and on road construction sites)

When it comes to worker health and safety, workwear can really make a difference.

All items of protective clothing produced by Safe srl comply with current regulations that establish compliance with certain standards in terms of design, manufacture, performance and resistance of protective clothing: for example, that it resists wear and tear, which allows the movements necessary to perform the tasks without disturbing the worker, allowing the evaporation of sweat.


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