Global Safety Management


We design  and distribute personal protective equipment and work clothes  of all types and for all the needs.

Specifically, we produce and certify, directly with our brands, workwear and a wide range of personal protective equipment, such as: safety shoes, work gloves, head protection, hearing, face, eyes, respiratory tract, first aid. , fall arrest systems.

We are also distributors of the major brands in the sector. With a constant availability of over 10,000 items ready for delivery and with an advanced order management system that is extremely quick and effective, we guarantee direct distribution to companies of all sizes and for all needs. Through a network of international warehouses, we guarantee a world wide distribution suitable for any company. All our products meet the requirements of the standards relating to personal protective equipment.


We guarantee total coverage relating to the need of protective equipment, through the distribution of multiple products relating to corporate safety and protection.

We are qualified in the supply and distribution of portable and fixed gas detection instruments, man-on-the-ground devices including software for monitoring and rescuing isolated operators, fall arrest arm davits for the recovery of personnel in confined spaces.

We also distribute: company signs, fire prevention materials, first aid products; specific products for environmental protection: absorption and containment of dangerous materials or liquids.



We offer consultancy services designed specifically for companies operating in high-risk sectors,

thanks to the collaboration with highly qualified professionals such as senior HSE managers, engineers and technicians specialized in the field of safety and rescue, we offer assessment services and support to the personnel in charge of management of health and safety. We organize visits to customer sites in order to identify critical areas, proposing targeted intervention plans for the solution of non-conformities. We support the drafting of operating procedures, work plans and emergency management, also providing supervision and operational assistance during the execution of the works.


We make our operating staff available to the Customer, including Alpine Guides, Speleological Guides, members of the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps, certified Rescuers and medical-nursing staff. . We provide work teams specialized in work on ropes and work in confined spaces, for carrying out inspections and maintenance activities in hard-to-reach work areas, confined spaces with complex structural development as well as environments with potential atmospheric pollution. We provide emergency teams experienced in industrial rescue, equipped with the latest generation devices and equipment, ensuring the ability to intervene in areas not accessible to the public rescue service, reducing intervention times and the potential consequences of an emergency.


At our training centres in Italy or in the customer’s operating offices, we organize general and specific training courses, in accordance with current health and safety regulations. We design and deliver training courses and training sessions suited to the reality of the customer, using teaching methods aimed at transmitting a complete and innovative approach on safety issues. We have qualified teachers and trainers, experts on general aspects of prevention and protection, as well as specific topics such as PPE III Category, work at height, confined spaces, access by ropes, emergency management, fire and first rescue.


We offer complete and effective anchoring systems specifically designed for every working environment, operating condition and industrial, mining and naval requirement.

We design, distribute and install lifelines and anchoring devices all over the world, supporting the need for mapping needs and securing risks from falling from above.
We supply and install all types of lifelines, including special pieces complete with verification and certification: fixed or temporary lifelines; horizontal or vertical; in textile material, flexible steel cable or rail.
We supply and install every type of accessory and device necessary to achieve the result: stairs, parapets and walkways, with particular attention to the safety of access routes to work areas at height.


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