Safe Srl goes to the aid of the RSAs
and voluntary associations of the Province of Brescia.

Safe Srl, a Brescia-based company active in the production of workwear and personal protective equipment, has chosen as through the #AiutiAMObrescia initiative promoted by the Fondazione della Comunità Bresciana ONLUSand by the Giornale di Brescia to help RSAs and voluntary associations of the Province of Brescia.

The intent is to provide large quantities of P.P.E. free of charge. specific for the containment of this devastating second wave of Covid-19 to all RSAs and voluntary associations that in this complex period find themselves in difficulty in finding indispensable material in fighting this tough battle

The initiative was born thanks to the personal commitment of Massimo Pedretti, A.D. di Safe Srl, with the will that all RSAs, Voluntary Associations and Kindergartens of the Province of Brescia who request it, can receive free essential aids to combat Covid-19 such as thermoscanners, masks, overalls and regularly certified visors.

How the project works:

Safe Srl has decided to donate to the promoters of the #AiutiAMObrescia initiative a huge amount of material consisting of 100,000 masks, 10,000 packs of sanitizing gel, 1000 protective suits, 1000 visors and 500 thermal scanners. Until the dedicated stocks are exhausted, and in full compliance with the rules sanctioned by the D.P.C.M. any RSA or voluntary association of the province of Brescia that should have an urgent need for these products can directly contact #AiutiAMObrescia by forwarding their needs for P.P.E.

The reasons for this idea are directly illustrated by Massimo Pedretti, A.D. di SAFE Srl: “For 30 years our company has been involved in the production of workwear and personal protective equipment and obviously in recent months it has been engaged in the front line in supplying the Regional Health Authorities and the large industries of the country to face the Covid-19 emergency. At the time of the first Covid wave, despite facing enormous difficulties in procurement and distribution, we were able to cope with the thousands of requests received, working 24 hours a day every day of the week, continuously for several months, of which I will never thank all Safe employees and their families enough.
When at the beginning of the summer there was talk of a possible second wave, we realized that we would again be called to a very difficult task and that we could not be caught unprepared.
For what a single company can do and based exclusively on our strengths and our experience, we have set out to plan suitable productions and distribution channels. To date, thanks to this planning work, we are providing support to several Regional Health Authorities in the battle against Covid-19 but at the same time we have asked ourselves some questions:

-How can we help our territory?

-How can we help protect the most vulnerable and safeguard the cultural heritage that lives through Our elders?

Hence the idea of ​​contacting the Fondazione Comunità Bresciana ONLUS and their #AiutiAMObrescia initiative, in the extraordinary figure of its President Alberta Marniga, in order to communicate the existence of these stocks of material and the them free ‘”.
Pedretti concludes his speech with a thought: “I would like to dedicate this project to Sister Maria Grazia, an extraordinary person, who honored me with her friendship and who taught me to do good through her example of a life totally spent in the service of poor, the elderly and the least, passed away in her nursing home during the first wave of Covid. I would like and hope that the action we are putting in place helps and supports all those fragile people who are most at risk in this difficult moment. “

Finally, and it could not have been otherwise, Pedretti expresses his thanks to the place that gave him birth: “I owe a lot to this Brescia area of ​​ours, a land that has allowed me to grow both in human and entrepreneurial terms, and to which I would like return, aware that nothing will ever be enough, what I have received. “

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