WHAT WE DO is the project that SAFE inaugurated at the beginning of 2021 in order to be more sustainable and in a small way try to improve the environment in which we live.

Every year “GREEN” objectives will be set to aspire to, small steps that, with the collaboration of all SAFE employees and stakeholders, can be achieved in the short / medium term.

In the current year SAFE has decided to want to “lose weight” by 750 kg, ie to eliminate the annual weight of the disposable plastic that it uses every day. A glass for coffee, one for lunch and yet another because you are thirsty and you go running …

we save 750 kg of plastic

To get rid of this bad habit, small actions have been taken such as providing all employees with recycled aluminum bottles by eliminating the classic disposable cup from the water supply points or replacing the coffee cups by switching from plastic to paper ….

The suggestion box, open to all SAFE employees, is always a source of inspiration; new projects are being examined by experts (recycled packaging, natural fabrics…) and others will arrive, the WHAT WE DO list must become a healthy habit that SAFE does not want to give up.